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Intuitive Energy Healing 

Tap into your innate healing energy


After years of doing readings, Hypnotherapy sessions, and energy healing work, I’ve tailored my services to combine all of these healing tools into one unique session.


Many healers separate out the various types of healing work into different sessions.I prefer to provide my clients whatever they need at the time, and that often meansa combination of different types of healing methods incorporated into one session.


What to Expect:

In an Intuitive Energy Healing session, I will connect into your energy field. This allows me to access information for you based on your chakras, energy aura, your physical body, and your emotions. I open myself up to whatever information needs to come through for your highest and best good.


Because I am also a Psychic Medium, oftentimes relatives and loved ones who have passed will come through to connect with you. I never know what is going to happen or come through, so it is also not unusual to have Spirit Guides, Angels, and sometimes Ascended Masters come through in a reading. By the end of the sessionI am able to give you information and practical tools to help you clear blocks, feel more balance and peace, and overall be empowered to move forward in your life.


Sessions take place in a private tranquil setting on a massage table. You should dress comfortably. Your session will be recorded for you so that you can continue to reflect and learn from it after the session has ended.



Fee: $180 for an hour session

BioMat add-on: $30


"Following my first session with Lori, I was finally able to understand and apply the wisdom I’d been trying to garner from self-help books over the years, to my own life. Her talents (she has many) helped open my mind and heart to the limitless possibilities that are mine for the taking. Though always there, it was Lori who helped me see them and overcome my own limitations to take the steps forward to changing my life. I was able to replace coping skills with a passion for living and – more importantly – a belief that anything is possible and I am the one who can make it happen. Lori’s gifts are immeasurable; she will always be a participating, positive influence in my life."



Tamra Clark

Seattle, WA

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