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I have had more psychic readings than I can count on two hands, and I can honestly and enthusiastically say that my readings with Lori have been far and above more profound than any before. It is easy to like Lori on first meeting, but as a professional healer, myself, I tend to enter into healing relationships with a hopeful, but cautious approach. With Lori, as quickly as I am disarmed, I am just as soon impressed with her vision, her inspiration, and her accurate reading of my soul’s wisdom. She speaks to that part of me that feels so good it makes me cry, that feels so true it bursts open my heart, that feels so loving it makes my smile ear to ear. I shout accolades and recommendation for Lori from that same place, that place that is so very happy to have found her as a liaison to my instinctive joy and imminent growth.


Brielle Kelly, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.

San Carlos, CA




Lori is an extremely gifted listener, teacher, and guide who has earned an especially loyal following among a close group of my friends. Once I visited her, it was easy to see why. Her approach to spirituality is sensitive, authoritative, accurate, and carefully tailored to each of her client’s needs. She has not only illuminated valuable information about how I interact with the world around me, but also patiently answered questions as I make changes and grow in new directions. Her insights have also directly impacted my approach to art, which has proved invaluable to me. I count her a mentor and I can’t wait to work with her again.


Molly McCue

Artist, Communications Manager

Seattle, WA




Lori is not only an amazing energy healer with great intuition, but moreover, she’s a wonderfully kind, genuine and compassionate healer overall. Energy work was new to me before I met Lori, but her honest and open approach, with humor and grace, has made me feel secure enough to be open and look at energy healing as key part of life. Lori has a true gift, and her personable, friendly manner, makes these sessions both enjoyable and therapeutic. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Lori’s energy healing sessions, and have been trying to put into practice some of the great tools that Lori has taught me.


Melissa Riddington

Seattle, Wa




Following my first session with Lori, I was finally able to understand and apply the wisdom I’d been trying to garner from self-help books over the years, to my own life. Her talents (she has many) helped open my mind and heart to the limitless possibilities that are mine for the taking. Though always there, it was Lori who helped me see them and overcome my own limitations to take the steps forward to changing my life. I was able to replace coping skills with a passion for living and – more importantly – a belief that anything is possible and I am the one who can make it happen. Lori’s gifts are immeasurable; she will always be a participating, positive influence in my life.


Tamra Clark

Seattle, WA




Lori Shen is a gifted energy healer. I recently had the pleasure of having a session with her and as soon as I met her, I felt completely at ease. Her calm and soothing energy was a welcome contrast to the stressful day that I had had before I walked in to see her. Lori is incredibly intuitive, she hears, sees and feels the energetic vibrations in the body and the “unseen” energy around us and was able to very accurately pinpoint areas in my life that were out of balance and showing up as imbalances in my body. She worked on these areas, helping to realign and rebalance my chakras. Lori has such a genuine love for what she does and I felt that loving energy throughout my amazing session. I left feeling more centered, calm and relaxed than I have felt in years. I can’t wait for my next session with her!


Dianne Sarda

Bellevue, WA




Tired, worn down by the stresses of Bay Area life, and dreaming of running off to a hotel to sleep for a week, Lori suggested I try the BioMat. The BioMat was amazing, like returning the womb. I laid in a safe place, surrounded by warmth, and felt the energy of the BioMat reinvigorating me.  It also somehow took care of the cold I had been nursing. I walked out feeling energized, optimistic and whole again. Thanks so much for the great session, Lori."


Suzanne Turner

San Carlos, CA




I can't thank you enough. My session with you was a catalyst for clarity and inspiration. I really appreciate your help! You have an awesome gift!


Marie Gunn

Alpharetta, GA

Over the past several years, Lori has been my healer, intuitive, guide and friend. Each time I visit Lori, I emerge with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world and my place in it. She is inexplicably intuitive, gentle, honest and funny. With Lori’s guidance and wisdom, I have been able to take my life to places I never imagined. She is a great resource and a gift. I highly recommend her to those who are ready to move into new understandings of themselves and this amazing world.


Jen Olson

Seattle, WA




Thank you, Lori, for your very evidential — and deeply healing — Mediumship reading.   I knew you were really bringing my Mother through to speak with me as you could relay what she was saying about her specific health issues.  It was a delight to hear you talk about her dear memories of my siblings and me when we were younger.  The most healing thing for me was — finally — hearing what she really thought about a particular question I had.  Without even knowing my question for my Mom, you had her speak to it so clearly.  I am forever grateful to hear those words from my Mom, through you.  I am more relaxed and comforted now…knowing how she felt.  Lori, you are a very gifted psychic and medium.  I will happily refer my friends and loved ones to you!  I’ll never forget this…what a gift.


Kay Fahlstrom

Larkspur, CA




I met Lori through my acupuncturist. I’ve had energy work before, but Lori’s sessions have been like no other. She has given me a true gift to look at things on a different level. Her energy has helped me heal in so many ways, and every session has been very powerful. I truly feel blessed for meeting her. I also appreciate the taping of the sessions. I would recommend Lori to anyone. I always look forward to every session I have with her.


Carolyn Chace

Redmond, WA




Lori recently came to my home for a space clearing. The results have been  completely life changing. I really wish I had known the depth of her knowledge and talent years ago. She made feng shui recommendations that we had not previously considered for things like where to "put a plant", "hang something that makes you happy every time you walk by it", "move this", "get rid of this". All of those recommendations completely changed the feel of our living space for the absolute betterment of our family. But more than that, she is a certified psychic and medium. 


When she arrived the morning of our appointment, the first thing she said was for me to not tell her anything about the history of our house or to give her any thoughts as to any unwanted 'energy' I had been experiencing. Without sounding like a quack, I asked her to come because our home has a history of very sick people living there and someone had passed on there as well. A few different visitors had commented independently of each other on 'feeling' something/someone in the house that didn't belong there. 

Lori almost immediately sensed this, found the root of it and cleared it. She also came across other things as well that only I had experienced. I plan to have her return regularly to help us keep our house a happy, healthy and welcoming place to be. Thank you, Lori!! So lucky to know you!


Mia Blomquist L.Ac. 

San Francisco, CA




Lori has such a loving, kind and compassionate nature about her that I have always felt relaxed and safe during our sessions together. Her intuitive healing abilities have always resulted in the most amazing transformations that bring me to wellness.


Winnie Mann

Kauai, HI




Lori, I wanted to thank you for meeting with me last week. I have to tell you I felt so much better afterward! I feel more care-free and optimistic this past week than I have in a long time – thank you for that! I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the time you took and that the session has really helped me to feel more positive about, well, life in general! :) I look forward to seeing you again. Take care and thank you again!


Kara Talbot

Seattle, WA




Lori is so sweet, kind and very generous with her time and heart. I LOVED my session with her. She astounded me with her accurate reading. It was unbelievable and very healing. I highly recommend her to anyone.


Myra Rayo-Lopez

Redwood City, CA




Lori, Thank you so much for your services, I really feel great! You do wonderful work, and your compassion really shows.


Carole Freeman

Wellness Coach

Redmond, WA

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