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BioMat Healing Session

Improve your health and heal your body while you relax in soothing heat.


Designed to ease stress and pain and improve long-term health, the BioMat is a "pad" which lies on top of a massage table to convert electricity through a computerized control panel, into Far Infrared Rays (FIR), nature’s invisible light.


FIR was discovered by NASA to be the safest, most beneficial light wave for the body. It helps reduce swelling, increase blood flow, has been shown to destroy cancer and viral cells without harming surrounding healthy cells. It penetrates
6 to 8 inches into the innermost recesses of the body, stimulating the healing
and regeneration of nerves and muscle tissue layers.


The negative ions emitted by the BioMat are considered the "Master Power Switch" which activate the body's entire cellular communication system and make every
body function work better. The amethyst crystals in the upper layer of the mat are found to offer the steadiest and most powerful delivery of healthy far infrared light waves.


Using the amethyst BioMat regularly, even for just a short amount of time, delivers
a range of health improvements. It helps to improve your antioxidant levels, keeps your joints and muscles supple and well conditioned, and leaves your body and
mind relaxed and refreshed.


Sessions take place in a private tranquil setting on a massage table. You should
dress comfortably.



Single Session (60 minutes) - $60 

Six Session Package - $300 


Benefits of the BioMat:

  • Reduces stress and fatigue

  • Relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation

  • Improves sleep patterns

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Eases joint pain and stiffness

  • Provides warm, soothing pain relief

  • Eliminates toxins in the body

  • Increases blood circulation

  • Alleviates migraines and tension headaches

  • Reduces allergy symptoms

  • Improves immune system function

  • Improves cardiovascular health

  • Burns calories and controls weight

  • Improves muscle tone and skin quality

  • Rejuvenates skin and cellular renewal function

"Tired, worn down by the stresses of Bay Area life, and dreaming of running off to a hotel to sleep for a week, Lori suggested I try the BioMat. The BioMat was amazing, like returning the womb. I laid in a safe place, surrounded by warmth, and felt the energy of the BioMat reinvigorating me.  It also somehow took care of the cold I had been nursing. I walked out feeling energized, optimistic and whole again. Thanks so much for the great session, Lori."


Suzanne T.

San Carlos, CA

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