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Sunday, January 15, 2023


Join us for an evening of love, connection, and healing Spirit messages with Psychic Mediums Laurie St Clare, and Lori Shen.


In this intimate group setting, Lori and Laurie will use their abilities as mediums to connect to those in Spirit and deliver their messages and evidence that souls survive beyond our physical existence. Although we cannot guarantee everyone in attendance will receive a contact from their loved one, all will experience an evening of love and healing. We don't control who shows up from Spirit, they do. We ask that you come with an open heart and an open mind. Your energy adds to the group experience. We are all truly connected.


The venue has very limited space, so register early to reserve your seat! Tickets are non-refundable.


Location: Yinfinite Wellness

1336 El Camino Real, San Carlos CA 94070

TIme: 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Fee: $45.00

A Guided Journey into the fascinating world of Past Lives.

Date: TBD 


Location: Yinfinite Wellness

10 El Camino Real, Suite 202, San Carlos CA 94070

TIme: 7-9pm

Fee: $60.00


Come take an experiential journey into the fascinating world of past lives. In this class you will be safely guided into a past life, and life between life experience through guided meditation. Past life regression work is a powerful tool for self discovery. Exploring past lives through guided meditation is very safe. It’s a fun and unique way to gain wisdom, insights, clarity and healing that could prove very valuable in your present life.


Why explore Past Lives?

Exploring past lives benefits us by retrieving memories of experiences that occurred in other lifetimes. This allows us to bring about healing and change to this lifetime, and to gather knowledge, wisdom and understanding of deeper aspects of ourselves. It gives us an expanded picture of our own soul.


Here are some of the areas you can explore in a past life regression:

  • Insights into our fears and phobias

  • Our patterns of thought and behavior

  • Physical health, healing & unexplained pain

  • Information about relationships or relationship patterns

  • Insights into our talents, abilities and special gifts

  • Our life purpose

  • And so much more!


Lori Shen is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist.




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