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Space Clearing


For Homes, Businesses and Schools


This Space clearing and personal clearing work is based in Chinese Medicine. The goal is to get the “Chi” flowing throughout your space and bring your space back to a “clear and balanced state.” We do this by finding, and then clearing the following disturbances in your space:

1)   Emotional Stress: This is negative emotional energy that is held in the space. It can be from current residents or even previous residents or visitors to your home.


2)   Geopathic Stress: There are three levels of stressors that we look for, which can cause a variety of physical and emotional responses to the occupants.

a.     Geomagnetic Fields – Stress created by people cutting into the Earth (Ex: When roads or homes are built, or utility pipes or wires are installed underground)

b.    Faulting Pressure – Naturally occurring pressure or fracturing in the Earth

c.     Naturally occurring underground water – This can transmit stressed information up into your home


 3)     EMF’s (Electromagnetic Fields from Technology): We clear the “adverse effects” of EMF’s from technology on the residents who live/work/reside in the space. 


All of these stressors can cause a variety of physical and emotional symptoms to the occupants, including heightened negative emotions, dizziness, lack of focus, lack of energy, sleep disturbances, headaches, and brain fogginess. It can also make certain areas of your home generally unpleasant to be in, to the point where you may find yourself avoiding certain spaces.


Included in your space clearing is a 5 Element Personal Clearing for each person residing at the home. This is a very in-depth energy clearing, also based in Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements.  It has 8 levels to it which cover just about every life issue.  (On its own, this clearing is $180/person) 


"Following my first session with Lori, I was finally able to understand and apply the wisdom I’d been trying to garner from self-help books over the years, to my own life. Her talents (she has many) helped open my mind and heart to the limitless possibilities that are mine for the taking. Though always there, it was Lori who helped me see them and overcome my own limitations to take the steps forward to changing my life. I was able to replace coping skills with a passion for living and – more importantly – a belief that anything is possible and I am the one who can make it happen. Lori’s gifts are immeasurable; she will always be a participating, positive influence in my life."


Tamra Clark

Seattle, WA

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