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Soul Realignment™   

Get to know your Soul and discover your higher path and purpose for this lifetime.

Soul Realignment™ is a psychic-spiritual modality that assists us in aligning fully with

our Soul purpose. This healing process invites you to step into a new relationship with Spirit as you experience your own inner transformation.


In a Soul Realignment reading, you receive guidance and insight for your Soul’s own highest path and purpose by accessing the Akashic Records—the energetic database containing an imprint of every thought, feeling, action and experience for every soul
that has ever occurred in time and space.


We explore where your Soul originates, what energies it is designed to work best with, the gifts brought into this life, and your primary life lessons. All of this information provides an overview of your Soul’s past, present and future possibilities. We can also gain understanding about your soul level gifts and how these gifts influence you.


We also learn about your blocks such as negative emotional, spiritual, and mental programming, uncleared karma, and energetic damage. We’ll discover with accuracy
and precision the negative blocks and restrictions from present and past lives that are currently affecting your experiences. These blocks and restrictions show up as challenges in our daily lives in relationships, finances, career, and health.


Receiving spiritual guidance through Soul Realignment can bring these blocks into
your awareness allowing you to better understand your life from a view of your Soul’s journey. You can then use that healing to better connect with your sacred truth, effectively and permanently realigning these negative influences to create amazing
shifts and changes in your life.

Three components of a Soul Realignment reading:
  • Learning your comprehensive Soul Profile so that you understand who you are at Soul Level from the time of your Souls origination, including your gifts and talents.

  • Identifying negative blocks and restrictions that may be holding you back from a more fulfilling, joyful, and abundant life.

  • Clearing the negative blocks and restrictions from past life karmic experiences (and present life) so you can realign your soul with your true divine gifts and nature.

Soul Realignment may be right for you if:
  • You find you are repeating the same patterns over and over

  • You have persistent negative self talk

  • You have doubts or lack of clarity about your true purpose

  • You are unsure of yourself and you don’t trust your inner wisdom

  • You want to deepen your relationship with your Soul and your true self

  • You are curious to learn more about the essence of who you are

Benefits of Soul Realignment
  • Clearing of energetic blocks and restrictions to help you move towards your goals with greater ease and joy

  • Understand yourself and others from a spiritual perspective

  • Tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides

  • Remove energetic frequencies that block the full expression of your unique Soul’s vibration

Soul Realignment for Children

Soul Realignment is not only empowering on a personal/individual level, it can be a tremendous resource for parents to help guide their children through life. As conscious parents we are aware of the beautiful powerful Souls are children are. Understanding and clearing the major blocks and restrictions in your children’s Soul journey allows you as a parent to better understand and support them. It truly is spiritual parenting.


Fee: $300


Soul Realignment Readings
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