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Messages From Spirit: Zombies

Well did that title grab your attention? This experience certainly got my full attention! One of my favorite pastimes is communicating with the dearly departed. It’s always a bit like putting a puzzle together. I am always amazed at how the spirit world works, and I hope to be able to share lots of interesting stories and lessons from that world with you in the future.

This past weekend I was in Dallas attending a Psychic Mediumship Intensive with the incredible Lisa Williams. (LOVE HER!) After the first day of class, I was winding down and settling in to bed. It had been a big day and I was TIRED! As I was trying to relax, clear my mind and drift off to sleep, I saw this very large man (IN SPIRIT) move into my room and approach me. Normally this wouldn’t scare me; however, all I could think was that he looked like a zombie! That was just a tad alarming to me. He moved like one, slow and stiff, and sounded like one, making moaning, non-coherent sounds. This was definitely new to me. I instantly told him he needed to leave, even though I knew deep down that all he wanted was to get a message through and that I needn’t be afraid, but his appearance was unsettling to me at midnight in a strange hotel all by myself. He was very persistent, and no matter how much I was trying to move him out, he kept coming through very strong. After a short while, there were a bunch more “zombies” behind him all moving and sounding like him. (Even more startling!) I called in my guides for help to move them out, I made it very clear that I was off duty, and needed my sleep. Finally, they were gone and I was off to sleep. Phew!

The next morning in class we were getting ready to do a meditation, and he came in again! This time he let me know that he'd had a stroke, and that after his stroke, he felt like a zombie. He couldn’t talk, only make groaning sounds, and he moved like one! Ah Ha! Then he went on to tell me that after his stroke, he was in a care facility for people like him. (That’s why he showed me all the other Zombies!)

At the lunch break I was telling my friend about the experience, and he came in again with more information! (Persistent fellow!) I thought to myself, how in the world will I ever get this message to the right person? I’m in a class of 75 people, and honestly it really could have been for anyone in the hotel too.

So back to class we go, and at the end of the day we are divided into groups of eight. The exercise is that three of us will take turns giving readings for our group, and we will be blindfolded so that we can’t read any part of their expression, just the information coming through. So the first two volunteers go, and then we are down to the third and final reader slot. Someone handed the blindfold to a woman in our group, she was happy to go, but asked if anyone else wanted to take a turn. I spoke up and said I would like to try, I felt I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone. So she happily handed the blindfold over to me and off I went. Immediately the man came in again, and here is how the reading went.

Me: I have a very large man (tall), Caucasian, about 86 years old. He has been popping in to me since last night, he’s a very persistent man. He is bald on the top, and has gray hair around the sides and back of his head. He is a very kind, warm man, and loved his family very much. He had a stroke, and wasn’t able to move well or communicate after having it. He says that after having the stroke, he felt like a zombie.

As soon as I said the part about the zombie, the woman who had handed the blindfold over to me said “That’s my grandfather”! I about fell off my chair! I honestly couldn’t believe that out of all these people, the woman who this man was connected to was not only in my group, but gave up being a reader so I could be a reader! Incredible!

And then I continued on…

Me: He has been showing me that he was in a care facility with others “like him”. He wants his family to know how sad he was that after he had his stroke, he wasn’t able to tell them all how much he loved everyone. He knows you all know that, but it hurt him that he wasn’t the kind of person who communicated these things verbally, and when his speech was taken away, he regretted never saying the words when he could. There is a feeling of deep regret.

She replied,” that’s true, we knew how he felt, but he wasn’t one to express himself verbally.” Next I was trying to get the information about how he died.

Me: I’m trying to find out from him how he died, and he is showing me being in the care facility, then being somewhere else, there’s confusion around the “somewhere else”. He’s confused about where he went after the care facility. I feel like his passing was very quick and he left his body very easily. I feel a mild tightness in my chest, so I’m wondering if he had a mild heart attack.

She replied, “He was in the care facility and started acting strange, they rushed him to the hospital, and he then died four hours later. He was kind of out of it when they took him to the hospital, so he probably was confused about where he was. We aren’t exactly sure what caused his death, but he did pass very quickly.”

At this point, he again just passed the message along about how much he loved his family, and then he started to pull his energy back. Immediately his wife (her grandmother) came through. She really just wanted to say hi!

This experience was so incredible to me, mainly because he was so persistent and kept coming to me for 2 days, AND that he KNEW that I would be put into the group with his granddaughter and could get his message through to her! I am always humbled and amazed by these experiences!


  • Always tell your loved ones how much you care about them, and how much they mean to you. Don’t let those opportunities pass you by and then regret it later!

  • Always trust that the spirit world knows exactly what they are doing! They know how to make things happen to get their messages through! All we have to do is pay attention and trust! The Spirit world has incredible intelligence.

  • And finally, reminder to self; close down psychic sensors before bedtime! They will keep you up all night chatting if they can! :-)

Now I am off to tell my husband and son that I love them!

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