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No Judgment, Just Information!

No Judgment, Just information! If you are a client or student of mine, you are very familiar with this little phrase! As a culture we tend to be awfully hard on ourselves. We beat ourselves up for all kinds of things from the daily small things to the big life stuff that can be buried deep within the subconscious. From our negative belief systems sprout all kinds of thoughts and internal voices that judge and criticize us. If we really pay attention to our thoughts, we realize how often these negative voices play through our heads throughout the day. We can truly be our own worst enemy.

Holding on to these negative thoughts and beliefs is so unhealthy on all levels; body, mind and spirit. When we as energy medicine practitioners, or energy healers talk about blocks in your energy field, that is what is causing them, negative thoughts and beliefs. For me, when I am working on someone, the energy tends to look grey to black in color, and feels very heavy and stagnant. Sometimes it feels cold, and other times it causes me to have a strong emotional reaction. I can feel repressed anger, shame, guilt and sadness from people who are holding in their feelings. Sometimes they are aware of these issues and sometimes they aren’t.

It was in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know that I first became familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water crystals. In his experiments he shows how water samples exposed to loving words and intentions change the effects of the samples into beautiful crystal formations. Those samples exposed to negative words and intentions changed the effects of the water samples into incomplete and muddied crystals. His research is opening up our eyes to how our thoughts and intentions have a direct impact on our personal health! So imagine if the average human body is made up of 55-60 percent water, and you are filling your body up with negative thoughts and beliefs, what are we doing to our bodies? ICK!

In my practice I feel it is important to acknowledge those negative beliefs and use them to empower us and change our lives for the better. When you adapt the mantra no judgment, just information, it really can change everything. What if you looked at an area of your life where you felt shame, guilt, sadness or anger, and you could step outside of yourself and look at the situation with detached interest. Then ask yourself the following questions:

1) How has going through this experience helped me to grow as a person in a positive way?

2) What valuable lessons do I get to learn from having had this experience?

3) How can this be a positive in my life?

When you can truly take the judgment out, and glean the wisdom, it changes you on a deep level. Shift happens! I often suggest to my clients and students to write about these discoveries. Let your life experiences empower you; don’t let them hold you back! There is only one wonderful, unique you and you are here for a reason. You have lots to teach, share, and learn. We are here to grow and expand our consciousness and awareness, so don’t be afraid, jump in and enjoy the ride!


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