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Messages From Spirit: Fun With Brain Cancer

Ok, I know that title sounds insensitive, but stick with me! Here is another experience which happened a couple of years ago, and I thought it was so interesting that I would like to share it.

About two years ago I met a woman named "Christy" at Starbucks for coffee. A mutual friend of ours had given her my name because Christy also sees spirits and she was interested in talking about her experiences and learning more about this ability from me. We had a great time chatting and comparing stories. One story she told me was that she had a friend that had died about a year before, he’d had brain cancer. She then says, “He went a little crazy”. Right as she made that statement, I saw him standing right behind her laughing at her comment about going crazy, and he replied, “That was the best time of my life”! He told me that chose to go out that way; he decided he was going to have a grand ‘ol crazy time rather than suffering with the cancer. WOW, that was fascinating to hear that from him! He was having an amazing time of it in his own mind!

So often I get messages from spirits on the other side letting me know that even though it might have appeared that they were suffering, they actually weren’t. Some have even showed me that while their spirit is still attached to their body, it actually isn’t IN the body. The way this looks to me is like their spirit is floating just outside and above their body, and they are attached to the physical body by a chord. So the fact that they are still attached to the physical is what keeps them alive, however they are not IN their physical body, and therefore are not feeling pain! I have found this information so incredibly valuable, and personally, it has given me a sense of peace and understanding that I am incredibly grateful for! This has also been a really important message for many of these spirits to get to their loved ones. Often times, people have a hard time letting go of the memory of suffering at the end of someone life, and their message is usually that they actually weren’t suffering like we thought they were, and that is not how they want to be remembered. They want to be remembered in joy!

So if you struggle with letting go of the idea of the suffering that a loved one went through at the end, this message is for you. Please consider letting that memory go and simply remember these dear people with love, appreciation and joy! That letting go is as much a healing release for them as it is for you.

*Name changed for privacy.

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