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The Wounded Healer

Lately I have seen a recurring theme in my practice, and that is of The Wounded Healer. Psychologist Carl Jung used this term to describe an archetypical dynamic of a phenomenon that can take place in the relationship between analyst and patient. However, I prefer the astrological use of this term. In Astrology, the planet Chiron is considered “the wounded healer” and its significance is simply that we all have an area in our lives where we have been wounded, generally in childhood. From this pain we have the opportunity to gain our greatest wisdom, learning and healing. Then we have the opportunity to go out in the world and become a teacher and a healer for others.

It’s interesting to get your astrological chart read and find out where Chiron sits in your chart, and what you can learn from it. Most of us, however, are very familiar with our deepest wound. How each of us moves through that wound can make a huge impact in our lives.

Reflecting on our lives spurs us to realize some of the biggest personal growth we can have, especially when we delve into some of the tougher issues. Many of us resist “going there” because we believe it will be too painful, that it will bring up feelings of shame, embarrassment, guilt or fear. However, taking the time to “go there”, even if only for a little while, can help release the energetic charge out of the issue.

When we go inside and look at ourselves without judgment, using our stories only as information for learning, we allow ourselves freedom to learn valuable lessons which can begin to free us from our wounds. Thus begins the cycle of healing on all levels… mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. From an energy medicine point of view, when we hold secrets and wounds in our bodies, it eats at us constantly and can manifest in many ways. When we talk or write about our wounds, and subsequently learn from them, we are moving that energy out of our bodies and our energy field, thereby cleansing and healing our spirit.

With spring upon us, it is a time for new beginnings, shedding layers, and being lighter. I would like to challenge you to “go there”. What positive lessons has that wound brought you? Maybe it has taught you about your own inner strength. Maybe it made you a better parent, or more compassionate toward others. Maybe you have become an advocate, teacher, or healer. Whatever it is, honor and nurture that part of yourself and be open to the wonderful healing wisdom that your wounded healer has to offer you.

One last thing, if it feels too big for you to handle on your own, by all means please seek out the help of a trusted advocate. We were not put here on Earth to do everything on our own. Allow people to help you when you need it. Great strength of character and authenticity comes from vulnerability and truth.

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