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Messages From Spirit: Little Boy on the Cruise

I am so happy to now have my blog up and running so I can finally get this story out. This incident happened back in January of 2008 on a Carnival Cruise in the Western Caribbean. I have wanted to put it out there ever since it happened in hopes that it would reach this boy’s mom. If not, I have to trust that the people who need to read this will, and hopefully there will be healing from this boy’s beautiful message.

It is the last day of our Caribbean cruise, and I am relaxing on the upper back deck of the ship with my husband, getting in the last bits of sun before returning to our dreary Seattle winter. I’m in my lounge chair, reading Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories by John Edward (famous psychic medium, who I LOVE) and all of the sudden there appears a little boy in Spirit sitting next to me. He was about 3 years old, and he was this beautiful curly haired blonde with bright blue eyes and a little bit of a golden tan. He was wearing little blue shorts and no shirt, and he showed me an image of him playing with a pail and shovel in the sand on a beach. He truly was a BEAUTIFUL child, he reminded me of the little blonde boy in the movie The Blue Lagoon. He had the most joyful essence; he was one of those kids who, even at the age of three, just had a charisma about him. He just glowed, he was happy, joyful and full of life!

I asked him what he wanted me to know, how could I help him, and who he was connected to. I got no answer at first. Then he appeared to me as about a twenty-one year old, so I figured he died about 18 years ago when he was about three, and now in 2008 he would be around twenty-one. That’s when he started communicating with me.

He described himself as being a very joyful person; everyone thought that even as a small child he had a charisma about him. He told me that was why he chose his mother, she was like that too. He said that since he died, she carries her grief around like a badge. She is afraid that if she is not grieving that she is dishonoring him or forgetting him. He said that he is very happy and that he is around her a lot. But she can’t feel him because of her grief. He wants her to let her grief go, to be the person she was, happy and joyful and lively. She would be able to feel him more if she were that way again. He went on to say he wanted her to remember him with joy, not with grief. When I asked him how he died, I felt like there was some kind of choking involved. He said it was quick, a simple accident, it was nobody’s fault. I asked him to create an opening for me to get this message to her if that was what was supposed to happen. When I looked up and started looking at the people around me, there was a woman sitting right across from me that I felt like he was connected to. I think this may have been his mother. This woman was in her 50’s, had blonde, wavy hair, and his same coloring! I then did the quick math and that would have put her in her 30’s when he died. I let him know that I can’t just walk up to her and ask her if she had a son that died around age three, eighteen years ago, so if he wanted this to get to her he had to make the connection. I was holding my book about communicating with the spirit world by John Edward in the most awkward way, hoping she would see what I was reading and ask me about it, and then I would have an opening, but it never happened. Then, the woman leaned over to talk to the girl next to her. I was so focused on the woman that I didn’t even notice the young girl sitting next to her, she was probably about 23-25, and had beautiful blond hair – I just thought to myself, that is his older sister, she looked just like him!

This incident has really stuck with me over the last couple of years, I really wanted this boy’s message to get to his mom, who seemed to need to hear from him for some much needed healing. I do hope by now she has found some peace, or received a message from him, or maybe she has gotten signs from him letting her know he is around and that he loves her. Our loved ones in Spirit are very good at letting us know they are around, all we have to do is pay attention. When you think you sense them, YOU ARE! Don’t doubt it; they work very hard to get our attention!

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