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Energy Healing

Each of us is made up of energy. We all have a human energy field, also known as the aura, which extends out far beyond our physical bodies. We also have seven primary chakras which are energy centers that run through the center of our bodies from the pelvic floor to the crown of our head. Each of these chakras governs different parts of the body on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. By nature, our chakras are beautiful, vibrant colors. When our chakras are out of balance, have blockages, or are holding on to stagnant energy they can appear gray or black, and thus can manifest into physical problems such as pain, illness or even disease. Stagnant energy in our bodies represents unfelt emotions, and by receiving energy work you can clear out all that old gray stuff without necessarily having to process all of it on a conscious level, bringing back the beautiful vibrant colors of your energy field.

Energy healing is an ancient form of healing. It is very gentle, and can not cause any harm to those receiving it. It can be done in person, or from a distance. It can be done with the hands on or above the body. It can be used on people, animals, trees and plants. In one class we even ran energy on a bottle of stale red wine, we tasted the before and after, and amazingly there was a dramatic difference in taste! There are many different modalities of energy healing, such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum-Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Matrix Energetics, and on and on. Although there are many different modalities, they all tend to have similarities in philosophies and techniques.

Energy healing practitioners learn to connect to the universal life force energy, drawing it in to their client to rebalance chakras, and clear any blockages or stagnant energy in their field. Energy healing practitioners are very compassionate and empathic people. They also tend to be very intuitive and each has their own unique gifts, talents, and techniques to add to their healing sessions.

Receiving energy healing can be a very powerful experience, and everyone experiences it in different ways. People who are very sensitive may feel the energy moving through their body, and they may feel releases happening. Some people feel heat or cold, or both, others feel deeply relaxed, while others may feel very emotional and may not even know why. By the end of the session people tend to feel deeply relaxed and peaceful – which of course, is always a wonderful thing for your well being!

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